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  • by Janet St. John

Art & Soul Short #49

Dancers. e. e. cummings (American, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1894–1962 North Conway, New Hampshire). ca. 1922. Ink and graphite on paper. H. 25-1/8, W. 19-3/8 inches (63.8 x 49.2 cm.). Bequest of Scofield Thayer, 1982. Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art open access.

(once like a dream)

if woman-man hold

a dance-

not separate, not distinct

(only one)

moving neither

nor grounded

(only swirl)

her not not him


only real

-really, once

in her dream

if woman-man(who

now gone, we soon

too)touch in mind:


(and dance)

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