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  • by Janet St. John

Art & Soul Short #44 Public Domain Image.

Waiting for Rain

White vapor, turns grey,

builds over the mountains.

Invisible hand stirs the

atmospheric pot. Air, water

particles swirl. Everything

coagulates, coming together

toward one desire. Rain.

The land so parched,

years of thirst in the air

for more living, more

moisture in the soil,

more greenery, more sprouting,

more food from seeds, berries,

flowers. More rabbits to feed

raucous parties of coyotes.

More bears from quiet

mountain to descend, risk

contact with our cars,

speed, noise, garbage,

rushed time of human living.

The sky roused, rumbles.

A current of coolness makes

silver dollar-sized Quaking

Aspen leaves quiver.

Everything waits for showering

refreshment, arroyos to fast-run

as rivers, for the return of wild

grasses' sweet smell.

Everything wants fulfillment.

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