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  • by Janet St. John

Art & Soul Short #30

This image shows the Aug. 1, 2008, solar eclipse at the point of totality, when the moon completely blocks out the body of the sun, revealing the normally hidden, halo-like corona. Image Credit: The Exploratorium.NASA.


Dark the day unfolding. This moment in time. These hours on record. Dark again. Blocking whatever brightness we once brought to the world. Dark the stain of our past, how we found and stole lives and land, founded countries, took control, tortured, killed, raped, enslaved to get what we want—the privilege to use and abuse. Dark history. Victories at others’ expense. They cost us now. How dark this world, growing darker minute by minute. Dark the shadow-self stuffed away, how long? Dark the demons now daring the light. Rage of fearful children. The tantrums. The tactics. I want what I want and you can’t have it. Dark, the lack and absence. Someone always taking what should be mine. Dark the devils we let loose. Resurgent history. Evil redux. Are we destined always to repeat ourselves? Dark mind-matter. The hostility and hate. I’m right. You’re wrong. No grey areas in self-righteous night. Closed box. Dark thinking. Such little thought. Oh, so dark. What blocks true light. What we cannot face directly, fearing blindness. How blind we are. In darkening times, our brighter selves have caught up with the orbit of the obstacle. A path of totality cuts across a country, diagonal divide. Something blocking day, no way forward unless we navigate by stars’ light. For a few minutes. For the time it takes a dark-faced orb to spin away, for full-force daylight to displace the shadow.

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