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  • by Janet St. John

Art & Soul Short #22

William Freer. “Outside the Window.” Original, powder coated steel, 48” x 24” atop an 18” boulder. In paper, eight layers of Arches #140 Cold Press archival paper, hand-cut, plus archival museum board; wood frame has museum glass to prevent glare. 35” H x 28” W 1-1/2” deep. For more information visit Bill's website. His steel sculpture is currently represented in Santa Fe, NM by Bill Hester Fine Art, and in Scottsdale, AZ by Xanadu Gallery.

Outside In

This morning a window is my frame around the mountain’s posturing, proud-standing, towering above our boxy houses, miniaturized in its shadow. Ten thousand feet high, formed by trap-door lift of soil, rock, and fossilized matter over a span of time I cannot fathom. The day awakened before light crept over the crest, and it will slowly spiral toward its own peak, sun reaching full-force heat and light, before spinning backward in night’s winding down. In the desert everything is contrast, the chiaroscuro we inhabit. Within to without—car to trail, house to yard, from sunlit courtyard to portal shade. Light rhythm. See that stand of aspen? The white-line trunks are dark on the side where light cannot strike. But sun highlights the rattle-shake of their heart-shaped, silver-dollar-sized shimmying leaves. Shadows over brown stucco. Shadows punched through layered steel. Sunlight married to shadow. Out there, the art of our world. Grid of grey sidewalks. Black asphalt rivers tying us together. Cars with square windows roll by like vintage film strips. Through my window the day breaks down into shapes, light-dark, nature’s geometry. Brown steel and white paper, mirror images. One window to let the light shine through. One to let the inner light out.

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